My Excuses..

A challenge has been set!

15 blog posts, on anything, over 21 days.

The catch: "Don't stage it, just shoot what you see and tell the story".

Of course I accepted immediately. But then I withdrew as I watched all the other posts in the challenge come in. I do this often. I hesitate and then I go to "my excuses", my trusty reasons why I just don't have time to do it anyway. Time passes, someone else thinks of my idea, they do it, I watch it all unfold and pretend I'm not annoyed.

So, now I have no excuse. I have decided to capture "my excuses" in 15 blog posts. All the reasons why I put off doing what I love to to do, PHOTOGRAPHY.

I have always felt justified in "my excuses". They are the one million things I do as a mum, a wife, a homemaker, a cook, a worker and a friend. They do in a way define part of me.

But I love photographing people and their interactions with each other. I love candid portraits, I love fun family photos, I love laughter in photography, I love catching that moment you know you are going to wish you could remember in 10 years, in 5 years, in a year, a month, a week, in an hour, but you know you are going to forget.

"My excuses" are all of these things. So I will begin with them and hopefully in 21 days "my excuses" will also be my muses.

BLOG 001:

It's a road trip to Coffs Harbour with these two rapscallions.

Why are we tripping? Yes, there is an eisteddfod on, that Milly (the love-able rogue on the right), is involved in.

Lydia is everyone's greatest supporter. She is dragged to eisteddfods, cycling tours, late night pick ups, early morning drop offs. She is always listening...

She is wiser than the average 10 year old , with a wicked sense of humour, often cracking us all up (even when she sleeps).

Dancing and eisteddfods are a HUGE part of our life. Not just time wise, but financial-wise (is that an actual word??). I'm not a dance mum either, so I struggle at times to see the point.

But we keep paying and spending our time driving to and from places, because neither Phil or I ever want to be the person who says she cant do it anymore. Her absolute LOVE of dancing is infinite. It is beautiful to watch on stage.

This is just at the start of our trip. It took us 6 hours. There was not one fight - it was bliss.

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